we deliver in-store engagement

Retail is experiencing a major transformation and it’s more important than ever to connect to shoppers in a meaningful way. At Glass Slate Digital (GSD), we challenge ourselves to create memorable, digital in-store experiences that immerse shoppers in your brand. Our solutions build advocacy and drive sales. A division of Communication Exhibits, Inc. (CEI), GSD has decades of experience in handling diverse interactive projects for clients from the Fortune 500 to small business.

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When customers walk into our store it is fun to see the look on their face when they see this technology. It is almost impossible for them not to notice and interact with the Virtual Presenter. Not only does it give the shopper a unique experience, but it is so simple to change and update the material. Courtney Schonauer Marketing Director at Fin Feather Fur

we empower you and your customers

The uQue CONNECT platform get shoppers’ attention and educates through a tablet interface. They’ll be able to view product information and videos, then email content to themselves right from the aisle or end-cap. You’ll be able to easily update content across all retail installations and collect analytics from every store.

Experiential Kiosk

No one can sell your product like you. Our experiential kiosk allows you to have a virtual sales person in every location, providing consistent answers to your end-customers.  Customers are engaged and educated, leading to a sales uplift.

Mobile Clientelling Tool

Seasonal help and inexperienced retail employees aren’t explaining your product effectively or driving customer discovery. Our CONNECT platform providing retail associates the tools they need to help answer questions, educate shoppers and close sales.


Comprehensive analytics give you unprecedented access to shopper insights in brick-and-mortar stores. We track how many people stop in the aisle and engage with your product. We track generic traffic, time spent per page, name, email and interest. If the shopper emails any spec sheets or how-to videos from the kiosk you’ll see how many times they view those items, even once they’ve left the store. Leverage these insights to optimize marketing drip campaigns or other marketing strategies.


and we make the whole process easy, from brainstorm to sunny day

We take what we do seriously because we take what you do seriously. At Glass Slate Digital good enough isn’t good enough.

Our production process incorporates your ambitious ideas with our industry-proven expertise, from construction with our sister company CEI, through our technical assistance.



We meet in person or over the phone to gain an understanding of your product or service, and your selling challenges and goals.

In this initial meeting we engage our creative team to actively brainstorm various technologies and solutions to your selling challenge.



We create a project scope document that details the project and defines assumptions, included scope, excluded scope, pricing and incorporates any sketches or storyboards we’ve created.

Project Management

Project Management

We ensure success through a focus on team identification, project documentation, and communication.

To create a seamless experience, our project managers work beginning to end with each client, establishing realistic goals and achieving them. This start-to-finish care results in on-time, on-budget delivery.

Agile Development

Agile Development

We utilize Agile development, considering each phase of the project deliverable functionality.

Through in-house user testing and usability testing, we ensure the target audience will have a great experience.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery & Installation

We’re with you every step of the way and that includes delivery and usage.

We will make sure everything is running and your staff is fully trained.


Teamwork at Glass Slate Digital

Every idea, long night, endless cup of coffee, bead of sweat, and mile traveled  … our expert team makes incredible solutions possible for you.

If it takes a village, meet our residents.


We don’t sell things to you, we sell things for you

Our hands-on process finds the custom solutions that fit you. It’s our mission to find interactive, engaging, and most of all, memorable ways for your clients to interact with and benefit from your product. But these are just words. See us in action.